Chairwoman Emeritus

WHFF Radio Broadcasting firm transmits audio by radio waves intended to reach a wide audience.

"Welcome to a new world of connecting and global usage!"

Dr. Rachael Robertson is chief information security officer, radio personality and Chairwoman Emeritus of "With Healthy Families First" broadcasting station. As an area of philanthropy she was previously host of the BBS radio syndication talk show "Five Minutes Daily with Dr Rachael Leah". She is currently founder of an education NGO "The Cognitive Institute of Dallas" and Senior Executive and Board Member at On-I-Apple Research Center.

As a professional speaker and author; Dr. Rachael Robertson has authored bestseller and now the pentalogy "Breaking Generational Curses: When Child Protective Services Takes Your Children" and "Five Minutes to Secure: Cybersecurity for Self -Managers and Small-Business".

She graduated with her doctorate from the College of Information at the University of North Texas and is married with children.

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